Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia Coffee Beans 500g (6)

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Size: 6 x 500g

For the first time, we proudly present this coffee with a unique, fully naturally - processed washing process.  This method enhances the captivating winey tasting notes and bestows a deep, luxurious body to the brew, making it the perfect choice for this time of year and the festive Holiday season.  What's more, it proudly carries the prestigious Grade 1 Ethiopian classification, making it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate the finest in their daily cup.  Located just on the outside edges of Yirgacheffe town, Koke washing station has 10 fermentation tanks to process cherries brought by local small holder farmers.

This coffee brings forth floral notes alongside a subtle sweetness of honey and candied fruit.  Red wine is also perceivable within its medium body, adding a richness and balance to its other taste notes.