Vogue Rectangular Wooden Chopping Board (Small / Med / Large)

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Size: Large C460


Preserve the lifespan of your knives with the superb quality Vogue wooden chopping board. Made from premium sections of food grade wood, the 230mm wide board is kinder to knives than other types of boards, keeping them sharper for longer - reducing the time spent maintaining edges.

The special wooden material has natural antibacterial properties, whilst also being incredibly durable and robust, making it perfect for everyday use in busy pro kitchens. And thanks to its stylish looks, it's perfect for front-of-house or demo prep, too. By applying occasional wood treatment oil, the board can last considerably longer than plastic alternatives.

Product features

  • Dimensions 1(H)x 9(W)x 6(L)"/ 25 x 230 x 150mm
  • Material Wood
  • Weight 590g
  • Colour Brown
  • Food grade wood - suitable for commercial food prep
  • Please note: not suitable for dishwashers. Hand wash only
  • Naturally resistant to knife edges - reduces wear on knife edges
  • Naturally antibiotic surface for improved hygiene

C461 - Small
25(H) x 230(W) x 150(L)mm

C459 - Medium
45(H) x 455(W) x 305(L)mm

C460 - Large
45(H) x 610(W) x 455(L)mm