Churchill Stonecast Canvas Breeze Walled Plate 26cm various colours (6)

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Style: Breeze


Churchill Walled Chefs Plate 26cm - various colours.

Bring the restaurant experience home with this innovative professional tableware. Designed to elevate and enhance food presentation and your overall dining experience. This walled plate shape has been designed to elevate food presentation of larger dishes and main courses.

Range: Rustic and hand decorated products inspired by the changing seasons and fresh ingredients

Colour: Barley White; a neutral and simple base, creating calmness and comfort to the tabletop

Shape: A perfect frame for all types of food presentation

Style: Contemporary, Rustic, Unique, Hand-decorated, Seasonal

Trend: Brunch, Casual Eats, Bar & Pub Food

Body: Made in Churchill's Super Vitrified Ceramic Body

Glaze: Ecoglaze™

Origin: Made in Stoke-on-Trent

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe