Folkington's Gently Sparkling Elderflower Pressé Can 250ml (Pack of 12)

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Size: Elderflower Pressé 250ml


Folkington's gently sparkling elderflower pressé is made from wild elderflowers picked from across the English countryside and blended with a dash of pure Sicilian lemon juice to add a little zest.

Folkington sustainably source their ingredients, by returning to the same farms and farming communities each year. This contributes to their long-term sustainable income, and also ensures Folkington's drinks have a unique consistency in both quality and taste.

Ingredients - Carbonated water, sugar, 3.6% elderflower extract, pure lemon juice nfc

Product features

  • 100% natural
  • Not from concentrate juice
  • No artificial ingredients or additives
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Made with British elderflower
  • Low calorie drink
  • Vegan friendly