Iberital PID 2 - GRP Espresso Machine – Black NEW

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Combining the power required by busier commercial venues with the precision favoured by the Speciality Coffee Market, the stylish single boiler NEW IBERITAL PID contains a powerful heating element and large boiler, allowing users to deliver more than 300 coffees a day.

The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) system maintains optimal temperature by automatically turning the heating element on and off as required - perfect for hitting exacting standards consistently, regardless of external conditions.

Popular extras, accessible via the included touchscreen, include number of coffees made, automatic group head cleaning, total amount of water used (ideal for water filter changes), steam temperature and company name display.

New Iberital PID Options

  • Available colour: black, white
  • Available sizes: standard, Alto (tall cup)
  • Groups: 2, 3

2-group spec

  • Boiler capacity: 14L
  • Heating element: 5,000W
  • Weight: 62kg
Dimensions: W: 783 x H: 455 (485 in Alto (tall cup) models) x D: 568mm