Vogue Aluminium Roasting Dish (Various Sizes)

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Size: Size: 50(H) x 320(W) x 215(D)mm

SKU K422

Whether you're making a delicious batch of roast potatoes, vegetables, fish or meats, the 320mm Vogue aluminium roasting dish is a fantastic solution for both professional and home kitchens.

With a strong yet lightweight aluminium design, the pan combines a generous internal capacity with an impressive 50mm high lip - reducing the chance of spillage and food waste. The lip design also helps you to easily cover the dish with foil, sealing in juices and moisture during a cook.

The integrated handles also help you to safely position and remove the pan from hot ovens - especially useful if the oven already has other pans and dishes of food inside.

Product features

  • Material Aluminium
  • Strong and durable bend-resistant aluminium construction
  • Please note: not dishwasher safe - hand wash only
  • Integrated handles - easier and safer to position
  • Aluminium provides effective, even heat transfer, reducing hot spots and food waste
  • Lip design allows easy covering with foil or film