Bravilor Coffee Machine Sego 11L/12L Espresso Coffee Machine

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Sego 11L: Sego 11L

  • The Sego L is a fully automatic espresso machine to which a milk fridge* must be connected.

    Each specialty coffee is made using freshly ground coffee beans. Furthermore, milky coffees, such as Cappuccino, are topped with a layer of fresh milk foam.

    Bravilor Bonamat has carefully selected, assembled and pre-programmed the most popular speciality coffees for you. So your machine will quickly be up and running.

    The quality of your cup of coffee is important. That’s why essential components requiring maintenance were carefully and cleverly designed in-house, such as the CIRCO brewer and a self-cleaning milk system. Bravilor Bonamat ensures that cleaning activities are kept to a minimum and performed automatically as much as possible.

    • Sego 11L*: one canister for coffee beans and one for an instant ingredient, such as cocoa.
    • Sego 12L*: one canister for coffee beans and two canisters for instant ingredients.
    • Integrated milk system (steam boiler and milk frother) for the fresh milk.
    • Simple operation thanks to the intuitive touchscreen.
    • The menu offers up to 30 choices of beverage.
    • Settings, such as water temperature, contact time, coffee grinding and cup size, can be adapted to your wishes.
    • The Sego is well suited to offices, waiting rooms and shops.
    • The energy-saving mode reduces your energy consumption when the machine is not in use.
    * The milk fridge from Bravilor Bonamat is not automatically included. This can be ordered separately.


    • 325x535x590 mm

    NB Price Excludes Milk Fridge - available separately