Jantex Kentucky Mop Bucket and Wringer 20Ltr Yellow

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Large-scale mopping is made easy with this 20Ltr Jantex Kentucky yellow bucket and wringer. The bucket's removable divider keeps clean and dirty water separated. This will make sure staff are only using clean water to deliver more effective, hygienic mopping results. The wringer also boasts a long handle that offers more leverage - making it easy for staff to thoroughly wring out your mop heads to stop your floors from becoming slippery.

The yellow finish means this mop bucket and wringer can be used for colour-coded cleaning too. This will help to eliminate the risk of cross contamination and stop the spread of illness-causing microbes in your venue.

And thanks to its large castors, this mop bucket and wringer is easily manoeuvrable - so you can quickly react and tackle any potentially dangerous spills.

Product features

  • Capacity 20Ltr
  • Dimensions 480(H) x 350(W) x 280(D)mm
  • Weight 1.98kg
  • Colour Yellow
  • Two-in-one combo includes everything you need to effectively mop your floors
  • Internal dirt grid and sump traps grime and reduces contamination in the water
  • Large 20Ltr capacity reduces the frequency of refills
  • Sturdy castors make moving this bucket a simple task
  • Long, ergonomic handle provides extra leverage for more effective wringing
  • Sturdy carry handle enables effortless lifting
  • Wringer can be simply detached for easier lifting of the bucket
  • Large caution symbol helps to prevent accidents and injuries
  • Basic self-assembly required
  • Yellow finish enables colour-coded cleaning to stop the spread of contamination
  • Included wringer attachment allows you to easily wring out mops
  • Removable divider keeps clean and dirty water separated