Chemical Disinfectant ULV Fogging Machine - 5 Litre Capacity

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This user-friendly Chemical Disinfectant ULV (Ultra-Low-Volume) Fogging Machine is designed to eliminate germs and viruses through the quick and effective disinfecting of internal spaces such as hospitals, offices, hotels, public transportation vehicles, classrooms, gyms and shopping centres.

It is portable and lightweight which means it can be easily carried from one area to another so that multiple surfaces can be cleaned rapidly, with the on/off switch positioned on the handle for maximum convenience. It is also suitable for use in enclosed outdoor areas and sanitising public outdoor seating and play equipment.

Featuring a 5-litre capacity, the spray nozzle has a well-distributed fan to generate the fog with uniform distribution. It’s ready to use once it has been filled with a suitable liquid disinfectant - see our others items

Safety Data Report and Testing Report for the Shield Sanitiser to go with this products (see separate product listing) is here