Biepi MC-1 Pro Espresso Coffee Machine - 2 & 3 Group

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Size: Two Group


A new technology designed to guarantee the perfect temperature for each group, allowing you to extract any coffee blend. Set the temperature, press a button and enjoy the best of a cup of espresso!

Energy savings and high performance: no more excessive costs to reach the perfect temperature. Enjoy maximum performance with low power consumption.

Electronically controlled boiler temperature: exact and constant pressure in every situation.

Simple and intuitive touch screen display to adjust the temperature of the groups and the boiler.

Maximum cleanliness: the Nanotech treatment on the body of the portafilter, coffee spouts and steam wands prevents coffee and milk residues inside.

Cool-touch steam wands and fast-opening steam knobs.

Newly designed portafilters and steam knobs, which are also available in high-quality olive wood.