Eco Washing Up Liquid

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Size: 1L (Conc)

A blend of eco-friendly chelating, alkalinity agents and specialist additives to remove all types of soiling from dishes, cutlery and crockery when used through an automatic dosing unit
  • Controls hard water scale, preventing staining and improving rinsing
  • Cuts through grease and dried-on food
  • Eliminates oils, grease, proteins and starch-based deposits
  • Excellent dispersing action
  • Low foaming
  • Prevents scaling of the dish wash machine even in hard water conditions
  • Highly concentrated, giving excellent economy in use
  • Suitable for all types of single and multi tank automatic machines
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • No harmful NTA & EDTA
  • Reduces the environmental impact of dishwashing on the aquatic environment

    Download the product information sheet HERE